Avoid the Summer Slide: Set Reading Goals with your Kids this Summer

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When kids set and achieve goals it builds their self-confidence, teaches self-discipline and gets them in the habit of breaking big projects into smaller, manageable steps. While some kids may have a whole list of goals they’d like to accomplish, one good goal for kids to set can be around summer reading.

Kids who read throughout the summer retain critical core skills, ensuring that they won’t have to play catch-up when school starts in the fall.

Here are 7 tips from the GoalUP experts to keep your child reading through the summer:

1. Create a special space for reading. Designate an area where there are no electronic distractions in sight. Set family expectations and rules for this special space, such as no noise, no music, comfortable chairs and good lighting.

2. Have your child write a Book Review. If you have purchased the book on Amazon.com or other online source, there may be a place to write the review. Or, your child can write the review and share it with the family. If you have more than one child reading the same book, it may be fun to compare reviews.

3. Take a “field trip” to the Library. Many local libraries have read-aloud programs or story times for all ages. The librarian can help your child look up books of interest and may be able to make recommendations.

4. Have some “family time” at a local bookstore. If you have a local independent book store in your community, you’ll likely find a very knowledgeable owner or staff that can also make recommendations based on your child’s area of interest.

5. Set a good example. When kids see their parents enjoy reading, they are more likely to read as well. Set aside some family reading time, or set a goal for reading a certain number of minutes each day.

6. Make it interactive. Choose a nature book, take a picnic and your book to a park, botanical garden or nature preserve and take turns reading aloud to each other. Try to identify some of the trees and flowers in the book.

7. Let your child choose the reading material. Tap into your child’s interests: Comic books are still reading! The more curious your child is about the subject matter, the more likely they are to associate reading with fun rather than “school work”.

When kids set achievable goals within a defined goal-setting program it keeps them organized, ensures that the goals are SMART, keeps them on task and allows them to track progress throughout the specified timeframe.

Once your child has chosen a book of interest, use the GoalUP.com platform to aid in accomplishing their reading goals. Encourage your child to set “iPromise” goals around their reading development. You can up the ante by creating “iChallenge” goals to push your child even further. (Maybe this includes an additional 100 GoalUP points when they write their book review!) Or, you could challenge your child to spend a certain amount of “Time-On-Task” per day with a reading timer.

The GoalUP.com online platform also has a built-in reward catalog for one-stop goal-setting success. When the goal is achieved, your child will receive a certificate generated through the online program, choose and redeem a reward with points they’ve earned by achieving the goal, which reinforces their success.

Keep your child’s reading skills sharp through the summer by setting goals around summer reading!

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